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W h y    is there a schoolclub?  

§              We would like to support our children and the work the school is  doing.

§              The public funding is getting less and less, therefore it is more  difficult to realise the wishes of the school.

§              With the schoolclub, we can directly support the classes, and the  money is directly for our children’s benefit.  

W h a t    does the schoolclub do?

§               purchasing for the computer room

§             financial support for the children’s activities (eg Computer, Theatre, Dance and Artscrafts Activity Groups)

§               purchasing of playground toys and toys in general

§               yearly donation to every class fund

§               organising the hospitality when the first years start school

§               organising cake sales in the big break

§               and much more

 H o w    does the schoolclub work?

 §            The members of the club meet once a year.

 §            The chairman and vice-chairman, the scriptwriter and the  fundmanager are voted by the members of the club for two years. They are responsible for all the above activities.

 H o w    can you support us?

 §              Be a member of the schoolclub (annual  fee 10 Euro).

 §               When possible, you can support us actively.

 §               Donations are always welcome (account no. 14 934 000
          at Untertürkheimer Volksbank, BLZ 600 603 96).

The donation to the schoolclub is a charitable donation and can therefore be claimed back in taxes.

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